Dear Evan Hansen review


Dear Evan Hansen program!

Last week the traveling show of Dear Evan Hansen came to Portland. Since my family has season tickets to the Keller I went to the show. At the Keller I have seen many shows and my favorite was Miss Saigon. I don’t normally like shows that are super hyped up or popular. Hamilton was amazing but I don’t feel that Dear Evan Hansen lived up to its hype. Don’t get me wrong the music and lyrics were amazing and the message of the show was very powerful. It shows what teenagers nowadays have to experience on an everyday basis. I saw the show on Friday night, so I didn’t have any of the understudy’s. The actor who played Evan Hansen, Stephen Christopher Anthony, was amazing. I have never heard anyone sing better than he did during the show. He also was so good at portraying the socially awkward teenager. He never broke character and I could see him fidgeting during the show. I didn’t feel like his mom was as good though. She over acted at times and her microphone was turned up too high. Everyone else was amazing and played there character very well. The actor who played Connor Murphy looked like he was 30 instead of a senior in High School. They also had screens all over the stage that constantly had stuff moving all over them during the show. It was very distracting and made it hard for me to focus on the people on stage. The screens made sense for part of the show but it was too much to leave them on all the time. There also wasn’t  any dancing in the show. It was all just movement instead of dancing. The vocals were really good but over all I would give the show a 7/10.