Wilsonville Environmental Club

Environmental club planting pollinator plants.


Environmental club planting pollinator plants.

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Environmental Club, at Wilsonville High School, is hoping to spread awareness and alert others about sustainability. The club also wants to show the importance of taking care of the environment and making sure that people know how their actions are impacting their environment. They also have outreach events run through the school to allow students in the club to be more involved with nature. 

The club meets every week on Tuesdays at lunch in Schaeurs room 104. Schaeur is the AP Biology, AP Statistics, and Marine Biology teacher. He is the adviser of the club. At the meetings they discuss future events and about economic issues.

One Student, Aliyah the social media coordinator , recalls an event they did a couple months ago. ” So something we did this Decemeber was we had club members who went to a Friends of trees work day where we planted pollinator plants in a park in Wilsonville and we want to get more involved with things like that and be able to open that up to more students not just club members.” She continues with the club’s goals for this year.” Our other goal is to grow the club and it is just starting up this year. We would really like to be able to get more people involved and aware of our club and what is going on with it.” There is still plenty of time to join the club before the end of the year.

If you would like to learn more about the environmental club and when they are doing give them a follow @wvhs.environmentalclub