Square Club


Square Club is a skateboarding club that popped up right here at Wilsonville Highschool a couple weeks ago and is founded by Romeo Rodreguez. The club meets at lunch in Demerays room every Tuesday and have had about 6 consistent members with 10 being their maximum number of attendees. Romeo says the club was formed so people with common interests can have a reason to come together and have fun. He says the club is also a way to bring the skaters together because it isn’t a super mainstream activity and having a club is a way to bring everyone together so they can branch out and meet more people with common interests. Not many people know others who skate and another reason the club was started is to help congregate the skaters of Wilsonville so they get to know each other. The club is always looking to expand and Romeo says there can’t be too many people, in fact, the more the better. They go after school to the skate park in Wilsonville to practice and have had a lot of fun so far.  If you skate and are looking for others to skate, or even just hang out with, Square club is for you. It is open to all and it can’t hurt to try it out so next Tuesday head on over to Demarays room for a chance to hang with fellow skaters and have fun!