SAT prep class at Wilsonville High School


Brian Cantoni

Picture of a filled out scantron. The actual SAT will be taken on a scantron similar to this.

Wilsonville High School has offered an SAT prep class for juniors who are planning to take the SAT on the spring date that Wilsonville High School offers. This class is taught by two teachers: Mr. Fowler and Ms. Hanlon. Mr. Fowler, the calculus teacher at WHS, teaches the math portion while Ms. Hanlon, an English teacher at WHS, teaches the English portion of the class. 

This class is designed to help prepare students to take the SAT by doing practice problems and recover the topics that some may have learned a few years ago. The SAT covers up to algebra two, which for some students, it has been three years since they took algebra two. The English portion helps students learn how to read passages and answer questions based on those passages.

Mr. Fowler explains why he believes the SAT prep class is very helpful for students. “I am not a fan of the SAT because I don’t think it is a good way to depict how someone is as a student. However, I teach this class in hopes to help students taking the SAT re-understand the concepts that are covered on the test in order to hopefully increase their scores.” He has been teaching this class for over 20 years and he admits that he sees an increase in results for the students who have taken the SAT prep class.

The SAT prep class begins Sunday, March 8th here at Wilsonville High School and continue to meet every Sunday evening leading up to the May 2nd SAT date that is held at Wilsonville High School.