Why should I take journalism?


The class is working on various pieces of content for their weekly requirements.

With forecasting coming up, a lot of students are wondering what extracurriculars to take for the upcoming school year. One of the options that is available to any grade level is Journalism. Meaghann Yochim, senior in Journalism, speaks about why it gives such a unique experience. 

“Journalism is a good and fun way to figure out what is happening around your school, and get involved with what is going on around you. It’s also a great community with many different types of people, that you get to know really well–it’s like a family.” Yochim has taken Journalism the past two years, and has loved every crazy moment of it. 

Samuel Blohn is also a senior in the class, and while it is his first year, he fell right into the flow of it. Blohn starred on the 97070 Show for the first semester, and now is hard at work on a movie podcast, which is sure to be entertaining. 

When asked why he enjoys the class so much he said praised Mr. Fitzgerald saying, “Fitz is a fantastic teacher who knows how to get stuff done but also have fun in a class.” If you ever come visit room 105, you may be able to witness and intense game of BananaGrams between Mr. Fitzgerald and Blohn.

When the time to forecast comes to pass, make sure you sincerely think about getting involved, and joining the WBN team.