Freshman in boys’ basketball


Pictured above is Smith shooting a three in his game verses Milwaukee.

The basketball season is close to over, and with that comes the end of the freshmans’ first season of high school basketball. Connor Smith, point guard for the freshman team, described his overall experience as “fun.” Unfortunately, Smith was out for a significant part of the season due to sickness and injuries. 

Smith thought the program was efficient and effective incorporating commenting, “I like our defensive mindset.” With numerous steals per game and lockdown defense, Smith’s personal mental toughness for defense is superb. 

On the topic of the freshman team’s chemistry this past season, Smith believes, “We have pretty good chemistry–we’ve played a lot in the past.” However Smith believes they have room to grow, especially finding their groove. He thinks that if they are able to get into a rhythm easier, they will play better and more effectively. 

With most of the team returning for JV next year, it will be interesting to see how these young players develop their basketball skills and strengths in the off-season.