Model UN students get their Credentials

The logo for Model United Nations.

Photo courtesy Lake Oswego School District

The logo for Model United Nations.

Last week at Wilsonville High School students involved in AP world History got their credentials for Model UN. Model UN is a part of AP world History course; students in the course are required to participate. To get your credentials there is a process. 

The students in this class are split into groups of five to eight people. Within each group they split up the topics of a assigned country. One student for example would find the social problems ,whereas; another student might look into the environmental problems in the country. The students then take this information and create a two paged essay discussing how the United Nations should and/or have been addressing this problem. Once they are prepared, they go to get their credentials.

This year students from Wilsonville High School went to Lake Oswego High School to be examined to see if they qualify to receive their credentials. They meet with officials who read the two page essay typed and then the officials will ask them questions about that country and how the United Nations is getting involved with these problems. If they do a good job, then they will receive their credentials. 

One student, Jillian Nguyen, involved in Model UN this year shared her experience of getting her credentials. She stated, “So we had to go to Lake Oswego High School to get our credentials. Previously, I had written two position papers on my assigned/chosen topic. Each position paper needed to be two pages long. Once we got into the high school we waited in a line for our turn.” Her experience with getting her credentials is one similar to other students from past years and this year.

When it was my turn I walked up and sat down with the person who interviewed me and they read the paper first then, asked me questions to see if I really knew what I was talking about”

— Jillian Nguyen

If you are interested in learning more about other countries and what the United Nations are doing to help then, join  Model United Nations or take AP World.