Symphonic Choir attends multiple festivals


Annie Kubitschek

The Symphonic Choir at Oregon State University. State qualifiers was held at OSU on March 3rd.

The Symphonic Choir is competing in two competitions this week! The first festival they attended was state qualifiers at Oregon State University on Tuesday, March 3rd. On Thursday, March 5th, the choir is headed to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon to compete at another state qualifier competition.

On Wednesday, the day between the two festivals, Symphonic Choir students were reminiscing on their accomplishments from state qualifiers at OSU. “We sang five songs yesterday and they all went very well,” said Symphonic Choir member Natalie Opager. “I personally think our best song was ‘Quando Quilaria!’ because the whole choir was moving and using facial expressions which enhanced the piece as it got the audience more involved.”

Tomorrow, the choir will drive to Forest Grove to compete in their second competition for this week. If they qualify in either of the competitions, a video of the choir singing their songs will be recorded and sent in to a pool of videos where a group of judges will select what schools will be attending state. 

Members are excited to sing their set once again this week, as going to competitions and festivals are the best part of being in Symphonic Choir. They are also excited to fine tune all of their pieces in class these next few weeks so they can hopefully place at the state level if they are selected. Good luck to the Symphonic Choir!