Is tie dye coming back in style?


Karol Olson

Classic summer camp shirt

Currently there has been a reappearance in tie dye around media. Tie dye was invented in 1909 and was called tied and dyed. It originated in Japan and Indonesia with ancient resist-dyeing techniques and adding in patterns. To this day this design is still being worn. 

Tie dye became popular in the 1960’s in America and was a huge part of the hippie trend. It symbolized peace and fun. A lot of people during this time period were on drugs and like to have freedom of expression.

As spring is upon us and people start to wear more colors, tie dye has been showing up in stores. Tie dye is being sold in stores like Urban Outfitters and Target. So it begs the question is tie dye coming back in style? 

Some students at Wilsonville High School had opinions on this question. Maddy DuQuette, a junior at Wilsonville High School, shared her past experience with tie dye and where she can see it going now in fashion. “I was very into tie dye in sixth and seventh grade. I wore it probably three times a week and I thought it was fun and comfortable.” She continued to share her views about it now. “I don’t have a problem with tie dye with anyone else but , it brings back bad flashbacks. So I wouldn’t start wearing it again but, I think it is totally fine to wear comfortably ;however, it is not a fashion statement.” 

Tie dye can be a fun bonding thing to do with friends for the summer. It allows anyone to express their creativity and make something unique to themselves. Stores do sell manufactured tie dye at a pretty expensive price. For example, Target is selling their tie dye tops for twenty dollars. Making tie dye yourself is way more affordable and can make more than one item of clothing.

So take your stances on tie dye, should it come back or should it stay in the old clothes pile from camps?