Reviewing ski conditions in Oregon


Timberline Lodge with fresh snow. Photo credit Flickr.

For generations, skiers have trekked up to the mountain to ski in the sun and this year will be no exception. There are many ski areas in Oregon to choose from, so I’ve decided to break down each mountain’s conditions to find the mountain with the best ski conditions. I collected first-hand evidence and interviewed skiers from each resort in the state to get the most accurate spring conditions possible.


Mt. Hood Meadows

Meadows has had a warm start to the season but the temperature has started to drop again bringing in a few more inches of powder to the packed surface. Ski conditions vary throughout the day with progressively slushier conditions throughout the day, and when the sun goes down, icy tracks are formed from the freezing slush. The powder is helping this problem and with a deep snow base from earlier this season, MEadows can expect a long spring skiing season.



Timberline is famous for its almost year-round skiing and its current conditions ensure at least another four months of service. Skiing right now will be powdery and will stay that way for a while. It’s been a little breezy but skiers at Timberline are preparing for a long season with lots of snow.


Ski Bowl

Ski bowl has been defrosting fast with the warm days at the base of the mountain. Since they are the lowest of the three Hood resorts, they’re expected to close sooner than the others but their conditions right now are warm and sunny making them perfect for some bluebird days. 



Hoodoo Ski Area is wrapping up its season with the last powder of the season. The powder is perfect for a little more time but the sunny days are warming the snow fast. The ending to their season will be sunny, warm, and breezy.



The Ashland Ski area is warm and steep with hard-packed slush in the upper areas while the bottom areas stay icy into the day. There’s enough snow for about another month of skiing before the base is worn down. 


Overall the ski resorts in higher elevation will have much longer seasons, and the lower ski areas are perfect for warm spring skiing. This season will have nice temperatures and will be another beautiful season on the mountains.