Wildcat Wrestling



Tyson Resko with the upper hand in a wrestling match at Wilsonville High School.

Improvements Heading Towards Homestretch 


While everyone pays close attention to the basketball going through the hoop

in this time of year, wrestling is not always first on the hit list for high school spectators. But like basketball, the wrestling season is heading towards the home stretch of the season has finally approached. After all of the hard work, sweat, and grind that has been put into every practice by these fine young men and women, their improvements are hitting peak showcasing and their skills are being unleashed.

The upgrades that each wrestler has implemented into their game has been 

plentiful. Peyton Hollo is a sophomore at Wilsonville High School and is wrestling in his second year as a high schooler. He expressed what upgrades have taken place both physically and non-physically.

“What I’ve accomplished and progressed on is having more confidence this year 

and more technique on defending.”

While physical improvements are extremely integral to the path of winning, it is 

the non-physical ones that also make all of the difference in the world.

By no means have improvements only been made on an individual level for each 

player. In fact, the wrestlers with a little more experience have helped the up and coming freshman. 

“We’ve been a lot more supportive of our teammates this year, and we’ve been 

helping out the freshmen that just joined and they’ve actually really improved well.” 

Zach Sutherland, another sophomore wrestler at Wilsonville High School added 

that the team really looks after each other, leading to a lot of team chemistry. 

“We have a good bond together as a team, so it makes wrestling a lot more 


The Wildcats have won four matches and lost four in their first eight matchups 

and look to pick up a full head of steam as they head into the homestretch of the regular season. The NWOC District meet is on February 19th for the Freshmen/Novice team and on February 21st through the 22nd for the Varsity team. Be there to cheer your Wildcats and give them all of the support you can as Districts will be hosted on our grounds!