2020-21 STO announced


The new STO was announced Sunday evening. Photo credit OregonThespians Instagram.

On Sunday evening, Oregon Thespians introduced their 2020-2021 State Thespian Officer Board. After troupes use their five votes to vote for candidates they liked, the ORT Instagram page announced the new STO.

The students, Serena Hope-Mason, Meridian Kameleokekaki Lattig, Mary Alexis-Weathers,Hunter Skye Miller, and Cormac Edward Lister. 

Lister is currently a junior at WVHS, and ran on creating a “disability inclusion workshop at State for troupe directors that gives them the tools they need to create a platform for their students with intellectual and physical disabilities.”

Congratulations to Cormac Lister, and congratulations to everyone who participated.