Winners from State ISEF


Jared Wieland

Partners Meghann Yochim (left) and Camryn Pettenger-Willey (right) were nominated to participate in the State ISEF fair.

Today, April 10th at 5 pm, the winners of specific categories and special awards were announced for State ISEF. Unfortunately, this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, students were unable to physically go to State ISEF at Portland State University like every other year, so interviews took place virtually to decide these winners. State participants wrote up a project summary in place of physical presentations and submitted those earlier this April. Local judges read these presentations and followed up with virtual interviews to decide the winners. Listed below are the winners from Wilsonville High School: congratulations to everyone that made it to State ISEF, and congratulations to those who’ve placed!

Viv Kiss and Yaya Kiss won the NASA Earth Systems Science Award with their project Characterizing microplastic distribution patterns in Venerupis philippinarum gills.

Evelyne Knight and Camryn Lau won the NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award with their project Testing Estrogen and Phytoplankton: The Implications of Synthetic Estrogen on the Growth of Scenedesmus and Microcystis.

Jesse Hayworth won the Oustanding Science or Engineering Project Award with his project A look into Ground Effect Vehicles and their Safety.

Aditi Bhaskar won the Honorable mention in the Mathematical Sciences category with her project Mathematical Model to Efficiently Tag Objects in ARCore Application.

Maura Schramm won Third Place in the Microbiology category with her project Genetic Engineering of E. coli for Potential Treatment of Sandhoff Disease and Tay-Sachs Disease.