Top Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix


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Our movies editor brings you his take on the best movies.


Shawshank Redemption: One of the best moves ever created. A story based on a man that is wrongfully put in jail. This is a must watch if you have not seen it yet.

Her: One of the most unique romance movies ever. It is about a man who falls in live with an AI. It is very unique but intriguing. The acting in it is fantastic.

Goodfellas: One of the most classic gang movies ever made. This is a must watch if you love crime movies.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: A classic martial arts movie. This movie is known for its action scenes and is very famous for being a foreign film.

Room: This is a drama/thriller. Based on a mom and her son who have been trapped in a single room for the entire of the child’s 5 year life. The child believes there is nothing outside of the room however his mother tells him there is more outside of the room. The film sounds weird but it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Community: This was a tv show that was on during the same times as The Office and Parks and Rec so it went under the radar. However, I believe that it holds its own. This show has funny characters that play off of each other just as good as The Office. It has a very unique episode structure and it is enjoyable.

Narcos Mexico: The second season was released recently and it was worthy of competing with the original narcos series. The series is interesting however, the show is one where you must pay attention because everything is subtitled.

Atypical: This show follows the life of teen on the autism spectrum going through high school. It shows all the ups and downs while also bringing attention to the problems life presents for him. This show is fantastic and brings awareness while also being funny and cute.

Arrested Development: This is another comedy show that became known through its use of running gags. This show focuses on a dysfunctional family and their business that is struggling. Arrested Development is very clever with the jokes in it

Dark Tourist: This show follows a journalist who goes to places that are not normally traveled to. He also explores dark tourism in these places. It is interesting to watch especially if you like travel.