AP students continue to prepare for upcoming exams


Alton - Wikimedia

Header of a previous AP Psychology Exam. This years AP tests begin May 11th.

With the news from Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year, many students taking the AP tests in May have become worried. Before school was cancelled for the rest of the year, students thought they would be returning on April 28th, about two weeks before the scheduled AP exams. Those two weeks would have given students the opportunity to get in person guided practice from their teachers that they have been with all year.

Now that students will not return back to school, every student taking an AP test has to prepare on their own. Most AP teachers are continuing to post review problems for their students, but that is the most amount of guidance that students can receive. For some, being able to study on their own and with little guidance is exactly what they need in order to do their best on the May exams. However other students might struggle with the idea of having to manage themselves and having to be responsible for studying on their own.

A Wilsonville High School junior, Kylie Hadden, expressed her thoughts towards being responsible for studying on her own. “I think being home is definitely going to affect how I study a lot because I don’t have my teachers there to ask questions in person.” Hadden is taking three AP tests this May and has already experienced the lack of motivation for studying for her tests from being stuck at home. “For most classes, I have been given unit reviews and practice free response questions that I can do.”

Once tests are completed in May, lots of unwanted stress will be lifted off many students’ shoulders. Being approximately four weeks out from the fun few weeks of May, many have begun to figure out a routine to help them stay motivated and get the most out of their studying. Good luck to all those preparing for their AP exams in May!