How the coronavirus effected/effects spring sports


Miranda Platt

Wilsonville High Home of the Wildcats

Coronavirus/Covid-19 everyone knows it and everyone hates it but nobody is more annoyed with it the all spring sport athletes.

First from cancelling everything the week before games and events started to cancelling it all together it has been a pain since the start. The pain that seniors are enduring is quite extra because their whole high school career playing their sport has lead up to the recruiting, the senior night, the final year,  just everything. Having that taken is a feeling that is very unique but yet so many people around the globe are suffering from this feeling of loosing something that they will never get back.

As of April 8th OSAA has officially cancelled spring sports seasons which leaves teams in question. How will they get the things they paid for and how will they return their uniforms and equipment to the school? This is obviously nothing like we’ve seen before so we are all working together to make things work so we will soon have answers to those questions but for now we must stand together. Athletes know that we will all get through it together and we will all keep moving on to bigger and better things.