Be the Light 2020


TJ Hagen

To the Class of 2020. Photo credit TJ Hagen

On Sunday evening at 8:20pm, the WVHS fields were lit up in honor of the 2020 seniors. As parents and students sat in their cars, the football and baseball fields were illuminated by the stadium lights. The event, dubbed Be The Light, only went on for 20 minutes, another nod to this year’s senior class.

The timing of the event wasn’t a coincidence, either – 8:20pm is 20:20 military time.

Sydney Byun, a 2020 senior, attended the event on Sunday night. “Obviously, it’s difficult to replicate all of the senior traditions while we’re under these restrictions, so I appreciate the school and parents making an effort.” Byun said her favorite part was when all of the cars started honking.

Another Be The Light event will be taking place on June 4th, the pre-planned day of graduation. While it is unlikely seniors will have their planned graduation ceremony at Rolling Hills Community Church, the stadium light- up will take place. 

Wilsonville Booster Club’s Instagram account says that the fields will also be lit up every Friday night from 8:20-8:40pm as well.