Safely staying in touch


Bella Kleiner

Personalized cards are a great way to stay in touch. The author delivered these beauties today.

           Getting used to social distancing is very hard for all of us. But to make light of it, here are some ways to stay in touch with your friends while distancing! I’ve came up with this list seeing that it has worked wonders for me.  

1.  Plan a get together for a car “party.” You may be asking, what is a car party? It is the new and improved hangout. If you have your license, take a car for a spin, park your car, and sit in the trunk (trunk open) facing your friends.  This is a great way to social distance. Invite your friends, make a circle with your cars, and have a fun time!

Emily Harms, a senior, rates this “4.5 stars, would park here again.”

Abby Forsterer, also a senior, rates this “5 stars because even though we are six feet apart we can feel everyone’s energy and see faces we haven’t seen in a while!”

2.  Plan a zoom/facetime/skype call. This is a great way to remotely see people. Staying in bed? On the couch? On a run? It is very easy to make a call, and plan an online way to see your people! It is perfect for everyone, friends, and loved ones.

Cami Saunders, a senior, said “ I would probably give this 4 stars! It is really fun, but not the same. There’s no way to replicate the real human interaction with friends and family.” 

3.  Still need help? keep reading.  Write a letter! Snail mail is a great way to stay in touch, plus it is super sentimental! Write to anyone, stick your letter in an envelope and send it through the mail! Or, hand deliver, by just dropping it by the door. You can even add a gift to go with it!

A personal rating, I would give this idea 5 stars, because it is a nice gesture, plus it is very fun to receive a handwritten letter!

4.  Lastly, give a gift! During these times, it is nice to give and receive, a handmaid gift, flowers, candy, maybe even a coffee? Just drop a gift to a friend at their doorstep!

There are many more options and ways to stay in touch, but these are personally my favorite! All somewhat easy to do, I hope you find a way to stay in touch through these times.