30DayMovieChallenge #2: Eighth Grade


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Sam Blohn reviews eighth grade.

This is my second film of my “30 Day Movie Challenge.”

I am a believer of going in movies blind and having little knowledge of the plot. Therefore, I will give short vague descriptions of films.”

— Sam Blohn, WBN movie critic










The second film I watched was Eight Grade (2018) directed by Bo Burnham is a film following the life of a girl in eighth grade who struggles to fit in. It is available on amazon prime. I went into this movie with little expectations and to be honest expected a simple coming of age movie. I was half correct. The plot of the movie is very simple however, I was pleasantly surprised by how accurate and real the film felt. It was a great representation of the life of middle schoolers today. Josh Hamilton played the main character’s dad in the film. His performance stood out to me. Hamilton felt like he was actually the main character’s dad and showed a tremendous blend of passion and comedy.. The film was one of the most authentic takes on a modern coming of age story. There is not much I have to say about this film. It was quite simple and easy to watch.