Pet adoptions increase as quarantine continues


Julie Tolboe

The Tolboe family’s new adopted dog, Kimber. The Tolboes recommend adopting / rescuing an animal in need of a home.

As the weeks continue on and quarantine still remains in our future, many people are beginning to feel lonely as they lack having everyday communication. There are many different ways to help this feeling of loneliness such as surrounding yourself with family, facetiming friends, texting people as much as possible, etc. But there is one thing that some people are doing to really brighten up their spirits: adopting a pet.

Ever since the whole word has been in lockdown and everybody has nothing to do other than stay home, the number of pets being adopted has rapidly increased in order to give those feeling lonely a companion. Junior, Peyton Tolboe, and her family are one of the many people who adopted a pet during this crazy time. “We haven’t had a dog in a couple months and we decided that now would be a good time to adopt since everybody is home to help train her.”

As heartwarming as it is to adopt a pet, people still need to consider the long run. Since everybody is always home right now, they have the time to give the attention and care for the pet that it needs. However, once life goes back to the way it used to be, the dog still needs the same amount of attention and care. When asked about whether she recommends adopting a pet during quarantine, Tolboe responded “Yes, as long as you can still take care of it’s needs after quarantine.” 

Now is a better time than any to adopt the pet that you always wanted. But just make sure that you are set to care for it once our quarantine is over!