Class of 2021 students must reinvent the college search


image by the author.

Students face new realities during the college search. The old methods don’t work in today’s environment.

The traditional walking tour of your future college campus may not an option this year. By the start of their senior year, most students will have taken their standardized tests and begun a more in-depth search for where they want to spend their next four years. However, COVID-19 has created an obstacle for the class of 2021. Wildcat seniors talk about how they’re coping.

Online — that’s what our world has become. Everything that you used to do in person has in some way become possible over a computer screen. Wilsonville High School students are fortunate to have access to online resources to help their college search when easy access to the school’s college and career coordinator. Senior, Linnea Collett, has been taking advantage of this. “I’ve was using Naviance when I started looking, but more now since everything is so online.”  

A handful of students won’t be going as far from home as they originally planned. Senior, Jadyn Sherry, is one who has been preparing to take a safer route due to the pandemic. “If we are still doing online learning by the time college rolls around, I will end up taking the cheapest route, which would definitely be in state.” 

This is definitely not what the class of 2021 was expecting their search to look like, but they are working with what they have to find the best college fit for them!