Wilsonville students begin school with orange skies



The Wilsonville skies filled with smoke. The Beachie Creek fire has rapidly spread, causing smoke and orange skies for miles.

The start of the 2020-2021 school year has been anything but normal. As we all have been preparing to begin school online, that was all that we thought we had to worry about. But the night before the first day of school, things took a dramatic turn. At the end of Labor Day weekend, multiple fires began in the state of Oregon, putting the majority of the state in panic. 

Monday evening, Wilsonville faced strong winds which put half of Clackamas County without power. When the city woke up Tuesday morning, the skies were blue and the smoke seemed to have cleared out. However, by Tuesday afternoon, the wind picked up, the smoke came back, and the skies turned orange. By Wednesday morning, everything was worse. The sky remained a dark orange throughout the day and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

As of Wednesday, September 9th, Wilsonville was put into level one evacuation. Evacuation is spread into three levels: level one being “be ready”, level two being “be set”, and level three being “go now”.

With the news of entering level one evacuation, school continued, but students still had the fires on their minds throughout the school day. Senior, Sophie Wheeler, shares how the fires have impacted her family. “The fires mainly affect me because my dad is out fighting them in Beavercreek, but there is hope that the fires won’t get too crazy as long as we all support and help the fire departments.” 

Sophomore, Taylor Hadden, gives her input on how she’s keeping her mind at ease. “School and drivers-ed have been taking up most of my time lately, so they’ve been keeping me busy.” As for how she is preparing in case Wilsonville enters the next level of evacuation, Hadden shares, “I am locating my most valuable possessions, such as my bucket hats and electronics.”

As of Wednesday night, Wilsonville skies still remain orange and in level one evacuation. WBN continues to think of the firefighters and thank them for their bravery in stopping all these fires. Stay safe, Wilsonville!