ISEF at Wilsonville High School


Credits to Jadyn Sherry

This is a picture of seniors Jadyn Sherry and Linnea Collett at ISEF. The first ISEF science fair is usually held in March.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, also known as ISEF, is one of the many wonderful opportunities offered at Wilsonville High School. Through ISEF, students are able to compete locally and worldwide while sharing new inventions and ideas for the engineering and scientific world. During a usual school year, the first local science fair would be held in person in the month of March. However, because of COVID-19 the whole ISEF process including check in sessions will be virtual this year. However, that does not make ISEF any less rewarding. Students will still be able to create online portfolio projects to showcase their amazing discoveries and compete for scholarships and awards. 

High school senior Alice Kang has been a part of ISEF for 7 years. Alice explains, “if someone is interested in science then I would totally recommend ISEF because it is a really fun way to learn more about a topic.” For example, one of Alice’s favorite projects was seeing the effect of different algae on the pH levels of ocean water to see their potential benefit on ocean acidification. Another senior, Jadyn Sherry and her partner Linnea Collett have done projects for ISEF for the past three years. Jadyn explained, “The past three years Linnea and I have done a continuation project where we have worked to create biodegradable plastic, in hopes of creating an alternative to the use of toss plastic water bottles. But last year we focused on testing the degradation of our plastic which has been my favorite project so far.” 

ISEF allows students to think outside the box and explore something that might interest them. If you would like to get involved this year click here: . And always remember to “Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond.”