Rising Stars of Wilsonville – Mo Bentley


Haley Graham

This is a picture of Mo Bentley. You can stream her new single on all platforms!

Current Wilsonville High School senior Morgan Schwenke, also known as up and coming singer and songwriter Mo Bentley, explained to us how she first got her start in music and a day in her life of producing music.

Mo explained that she has always had a love for music but recently she has fallen in love with the idea of producing her own. It was inspirations like Ariana Grande that first made Mo fall in love with the rhythms and flow of music leading her to create her first song with fellow senior Abbi Nelson. Now Mo has been able to create multiple singles like her most recent, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” 

Mo was able to produce and create a music video for this new single. However, she explained that creating music and videos is hard work. Mo said, “My producer Jaylien Wesley and I write and co-write my songs usually in one day. From there we make a recording, demo, and record the real thing the very next day! The writing process is very tough sometimes, but once we get in the flow we can always create something great. While creating the Don’t Kill My Vibe video, the day was long. We usually have to shoot several scenes and the day ended with my eyelashes falling off. But, in the end it was all worth it, the music video is amazing!”

Although the writing, recording, and shooting process can be hard, that makes the outcome all the more worth it. From long music video shoots to recording sessions, Mo has the dedication and drive it takes to be successful in the music industry. She is already interviewing on podcasts and radio shows to promote her single “Don’t Kill My Vibe.” If you want to listen to her new single, learn more about Mo, or see other projects she is working on, you can find her on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, and all other platforms under “Mo Bentley”. You can also check her out on her social media @Mo.bentley on Instagram and www.Mobentley.com.