Soul’d Out take on the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year


WVHS Soul'd Out Instagram Page

Soul’d Out at ICHSA last year placing third overall.

As many of you might know Wilsonville High School has their very own a cappella group, Soul’d Out. This group of talented students performs using no instruments or musical accompaniment, only vocals. The group works together to produce the sounds of an instrument. However, COVID-19 has made it hard to do so. 

Soul’d Out has been doing their best to make the most of this unusual situation. Most people would think you would need to be in an in-person setting to practice music, but Soul’d Out and many other music programs at Wilsonville have been proving them wrong. Junior, Miguel Tejeda, who as been in Soul’d Out since his sophomore year of high school said, “COVID-19 has made it very hard for us to be able to practice together. We have had to sing through online [Zoom], but it’s very hard to be together because of wifi issues.” 

Every year Soul’d Out along with many other a cappella groups throughout the state participate in competitions. Due to COVID-19, many students were worry they won’t be able to have the opportunity to compete during the 2020-2021 school year. Fortunately, they figured out a way to compete while staying safe. Even though the competition will be run differently this year, Tejeda has a positive attitude, “Personally, I like it either way because it’s a good distraction, and I always have lots of fun.”

Soul’d Out is doing everything they can to get ready for a great year of singing and competing. Best of luck to them!