Students adapt to new CDL learning for 2020 school year


Bella Glastra van Loon

Senior Bella Glastra van Loon’s zoom set up for the virtual school year.

Due to the pandemic of 2020 many schools were at a loss of what the 2020-2021 school year would look like. Many states had differing opinions about what was the best way to handle the return of students. Some schools decided to just send everyone back, while some tried a hybrid method of school and online. However, the West Linn Wilsonville School District announced that at least the first quarter school would be all online.

 The comprehensive distance learning concept (CDL) would be effective starting September 8th. This entailed that students would stay at home and endure 4.5 hours of zoom every day. Students soon were experiencing all their tests, assignments, and classes virtually.

The first week of class was a warm-up into what the school year would be like. Many teachers spent the zooms teaching students the ropes to zoom and how google classroom was going to be the key to their success. 

However, as the week progressed students got into the flow of how this year would work and soon began to adapt to the online concept.

Wilsonville High senior Payton Southwick expressed how it almost feels normal, “By now I’m used to sitting at home and only seeing people on a screen.”  She even said she’s found perks of the CDL as she doesn’t have to drive the 20 minutes it used to take her to get to school. 

Some students aren’t as much of a fan of online learning. Senior Maddy Duquette argued that distance learning is hurting her learning. Duquette is taking four AP classes this year and mentioned how the zoom concept is making those classes a lot harder, “Splitting one year of material into two quarters just loads on the extra day to day work”. 

The same concept is applying at West Linn High School. Senior Emma Cook explained how she misses seeing all her friends and teachers every day, but she has found a way around this. “Once a week me and my friends get together to do school.” Of course, this just means sitting in a room together –each individually on zoom– but at least it is something.

The 2020-2021 school year is turning out to be one like none before. The online concept seems to be working with some while others can’t wait to hopefully get back for the second quarter. However, all students seem to be getting the hang of the new normal.