One small thing in the morning can help teens face the day

A few simple suggestions for starting the day right


Photo provided by Emery Borgen

Senior Emery Borgen is a guest writer for The Paw Print online. Borgen shared simple but effective tips for starting the day on a positive note.

Mental illnesses take a toll on people on many different levels; fortunately, there are steps teens can take to feel more mentally fit.

Mental illness causes people to be completely uninspired. Other times it causes small, and seemingly effortless tasks to appear much larger than they are. For example: getting out of bed may seem like a small task in the grand scheme of things, but to some, it is the first, and largest feat of the day. 

Here are some small, and easy steps you can make in the morning: first, open a window if possible; breathe in some fresh air.  Try to drink at least one glass of water.  Pick out one small job to do each day, make it doable, set a goal, and give yourself purpose. Any effort made to complete that goal can make you feel extremely accomplished, and overall better about yourself. 

The next step is to look around the room and find one thing that you can appreciate today. Look in the mirror, find one thing you can appreciate about yourself.  Put on comfy clothes, or whatever it is YOU want to wear that day. Do one or more things that make YOU happy: pet the dogs, cuddle the cats. If breakfast is desirable, then eat, whether it is just a simple protein bar, or a homemade breakfast sandwich. Food is fuel. 

Finally, allow yourself to take any time that you need. The one thing that many struggle with is the idea of taking a break when things feel overwhelming and exhausting. Everyone deserves a break sometimes, and if that means that the only goal they will accomplish that day, is simply getting out of bed, then that is okay.