The show must go on

Trap, a play by Stephen Gregg, is set to be put on by Wilsonville High School students online this fall.

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Trap, a play by Stephen Gregg, is set to be put on by Wilsonville High School students online this fall.

Despite the digital divide this school year, the drama department has overcome the impossible task of producing a school play. Similar to last spring, students and teachers are working together to continue their theatrical creativity while following state guidelines. An online version of the play will take the place of the usual onstage performance featuring a group of drama club members. The chosen play this year is the documentary style play: Trap. Unlike anything put on by Wilsonville High School, Trap follows interviews and witnesses reports of a mysterious event. In the play, everyone in the audience of a high school play has fallen asleep except one person, Angela. After this strange occurrence, investigators, witnesses, and others try to decipher what actually occurred and why. 

About two weeks ago, the cast was released for the show stirring excitement from both the performers and the eager audience. WBN had the pleasure of interviewing senior Hannah Jacobs about her lead role. Hannah was casted as Angela, the lone survivor of the strange attack. Hannah is thrilled to “bring Angela’s story to life and provide her insight to what happened.” She expresses the excitement towards incorporating new themes into the show and the opportunity to perform despite the circumstances.

Regardless of the untraditional format we’ve had to endure for most activities, the cast is still excited to be able to perform safely–and in general–during the pandemic. Junior cast member, Ainsley Mayes voices her joy about continuing the production despite the online form. “I’m very thankful that although we are connecting over a computer screen, plays over zoom still give us the opportunity to interact with our student community.” Ainsley, like many other drama club members, is finding the silver lining and is thrilled to share the show with their community.

The upcoming play, put on by Wilsonville High School, provides our students with a perfect opportunity to continue their creative expression while staying safe and following state guidelines. The cast, filled with new faces, has begun their hard work towards the release date and cannot wait to show their hard work and creativity with Wilsonville High School.