Quiz: What Jibbitz fits you best?


Photos provided by Crocs

Which Jibbetz are you?

1. If you were to choose a place to get lunch during the school day, which would be your first pick?

A-Costco! I love affordable food!

B- Starbucks! I can get a drink and a snack? Sign me up!

C-Chipotle! I can always find something good.

D- I don’t want to choose, let someone else in the friend group decide.


2.  On  Saturday morning, you could probably find me…

A- Working out, the grind never stops!

B-Sleeping, I need at least 10 hours to start the day off right.

C- Awake watching tik tok or my favorite tv show.

D- Making a delicious breakfast.


3. What is your dream vacation?

A- Backpacking around Europe, I want to see all the historic wonders!

B-Any resort on a tropical island, I love the warm water!

C- Road tripping across the country!

D- Going to an amusement park with my friends!


4. When you leave the house, what can you not leave without?

A- Water bottle, got to stay hydrated!


C- Fully charged phone because you never know what the adventure might lead to.

D-Granola bar, in case anyone gets hungry.


5. You have a test tomorrow, what do you do?

A- Go to bed early, can’t do well without a good night rest.

B-Go over big ideas, but if I don’t know it now it’s too late.

C-Study by myself for hours, got to make sure I don’t miss anything!

D-Create a study group, I do better with others’ help.


6. What is your go to gas station snack?

A- Trail mix-it can hold me over until I get a real meal.

B- Some type of sour candy!

C- Bag of chips, salty goodness!

D- Depends on my mood, it’s always different each time.


7. If you could have one random talent, which one would you pick?

A- Doing tricks on a jump rope

B- Calligraphy

C- Being able to moonwalk

D- Being able to shuffle cards well


8. During a three day weekend, what do you use the extra day for?

A-Spread the workload over 3 days instead of 2, take more breaks each day!

B-Take a personal day and relax!

C-Go on a day trip to the beach!

D-Spend time with friends!


9. During a long car ride, you can find me…

A-Sleeping, nothing better to pass the time

B-Scrolling through the endless sea of social media

C-Singing along to every song

D-Reading a good book


10. What do you value most in your significant other?

A-Their athletics

B-Their beauty

C-Their loyalty

D-Their intelligence


Crocs and Socks

If you answered mostly “A” then you are the Crocs and Socks jibbitz! You don’t care for what other people view you as, because you do you. You value practicality and being yourself more than following the trends. You are a great friend because you always will support them no matter what. To buy your jibbitz go to https://www.crocs.com/p/crocs-and-socks/10007896.html?cgid=jibbitz&sid= 


Gold Duke Logo

If you answered mostly “B” you are the Gold Duke Logo! You are classy and elegant in everything you do-even your fashion sense(obviously-look at that jibbitz). You love to stand out and are always seen hanging out with friends. You are the person to come to if drama arises in the friend group and you always give great advice. To buy your jibbitz go to https://www.crocs.com/p/gold-duke-logo/10007883.html?cgid=jibbitz&sid= 


Lil’ Classis Croc 

If you answered mostly “C” you are the LIl’ Classic Croc jibbitz! You are a loyal friend and would never be seen wearing two different brands. You make friends everywhere you go and are almost always wearing a smile(with your crocs). To buy your jibbitz go to https://www.crocs.com/p/lil-classic-white/10008061.html?cgid=jibbitz&cid=001#&origin=category&start=74&sz=273 


Happy Penguin Chick

If you answered mostly “D” then you are the Happy Penguin Chick! You go with the flow and will always treat people with kindness. Shying away from attention, you like to stay with your close group of friends. You never want to hurt anyone’s feelings and try to be the peacekeeper. To buy your jibbitz go to https://www.crocs.com/p/happy-penguin-chick/10007919.html?cgid=jibbitz&sid=