The 2020 theater season


Taken from @wvhstheatre Instagram

This years theater schedule including Trap, Tuck Everlasting, and Emma.

As the school year is progressing, the theater department has got to work planning for their shows throughout the year. Recently, they released their production schedule and the plays and musicals we will witness this school year. Given current health conditions, there has been a lot of question on how these shows will be produced. This question has been answered in their recent announcement.

The first play of the year, Trap, has been in the works for about a month now and the actors are preparing tirelessly for their premiere night on November 5th. The show is about a mysterious event which leaves an entire auditorium of playwatchers, asleep. To compromise with health guidelines, the show will take a similar form to that of the last play, Crush. The format will be an online production where the audience will be able to view the actors virtually and the performers will act through their screens for a creative experience. 

During the winter month of February, the theater department is excited to produce their annual musical. This year, the musical will be none other than Tuck Everlasting, the Musical. This magical tale of immortality and love shows a family with the secret of immortality and a girl who stumbles into their hearts. As described by Senior STO Liaison, Cormac Lister, “Tuck Everlasting is a great musical, with loads of interesting characters, and an excellent story.” Cormac is excited to be a part of the show and knows Mr. Katz, the director, will “come up with an amazing way to make the show fun and interesting to watch over a virtual format.” Similarly to Trap this magical musical will take place on our screens in an online format. 

To finish up the year, the play Emma, based on Jane Austen’s timeless classical novel, will take the stage. The witty play, set in the early 1800s, follows Emma, a young matchmaker, on her journey to find love for those around her. Unlike the other shows, because Emma will take place during May, the guidelines and school format may look different than now. Because of this, the department hopes to be able to bring the show to life onstage rather than the virtual alternative. The format is still to be determined as of right now but there is hope for an onstage performance. 

The theater department can’t wait to return to their audience with these exciting shows. Even though the format isn’t ideal, teachers and students alike have worked hard to bring their audience compelling shows for their enjoyment.