Kylie Hadden is Wilsonville High School’s school board representative


Photo provided by Kylie Hadden

Kylie Hadden, Wilsonville’s school board representative, at her first zoom meeting. She and the rest of the board meet every first Monday of the month.

Every school year, each high school from the West-Linn Wilsonville School District selects one student that will best represent their school in the monthly district wide board meetings. For the 2020-2021 school year, WBN’s very own, senior Kylie Hadden, was selected to be Wilsonville High School’s school representative.

Every first Monday of the month, Hadden, the two other representatives from the other high schools, and the rest of the school board meets where each representative gives a speech regarding the arts, athletics, academics, and activities that are happening in their own school. Prior to the meetings, Hadden works with Wilsonville High School Principal Mrs. Schmidt and other staff members to help prepare for what she shares during the meeting.

“Being the student representative gives me the opportunity to have my voice heard by our district school board,” Hadden shares. “This role is very important to show our school board what’s happening at Wilsonville High School, especially during our times of CDL.”

When asked why she chose to take on the role as student representative when it was offered to her, Hadden shared that this experience would be a fun and new way to see the behind the scenes and learn about not only what’s happening in our own school community, but also in the rest of the schools in our district. 

Hadden shares her excitement for taking on this new role by concluding with, “I feel truly honored to be selected to take on this role and I hope to make sure I report out everything going on this year at Wilsonville High School.” Good luck, Kylie!