Quiz: What mask would you wear?


Formatted by the author

Which mask are you?

1. Which is your favorite snack?

A- Bag of chips

B- Pretzels

C- Popcorn

D- Crackers


2. If you could dye your hair for one day, what color would you choose?

A- Purple

B- Bleach blonde

C- Teal

D- Pink


3. What is your favorite type of candy?

A- Anything with caramel

B- Anything with dark chocolate

C- Whichever is most sour

D- Anything sweet and sugary


4. When procrastinating homework, what do you do?

A- Hang out with friends

B- Eat food

C- Play sports or go workout

D- Draw or get out my creativity in some way


5. What is your favorite genre of movies?

A- Comedic movies

B- Any true story movie

C- Horror movies

D- Romance movies


6. On a Friday night, you could find me…

A- Hanging out with friends!

B- Finishing some of my homework, so I can relax on the weekends.

C- Packing my bags to take a day trip on Saturday!

D- Staying in and watching a movie, the week is too exhausting.


7. If you had to own a dog, which breed would you choose?

A- Golden retriever, their personality is so funny

B- Border collie, they are so smart and are great to train

C- Husky, I need a dog who is ready to go on adventure with me

D- French bulldog, I need a couch potato


8. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

A- Cereal, its fast and easy to make

B- Toast and eggs, I need to start the day off right

C- Oatmeal, I need lots of energy for my day

D- Yogurt, it has lots of health benefits


9. If you could be in the winter olympics, what would it be for?

A- Curling

B- Cross country skiing

C- Ski jumping

D- Figure skating


10. After a bad day, the first thing you do when you get home is…

A- Scream into a pillow

B- Go for a run

C- Eat a lot of ice cream

D- Get into comfortable clothes


If you answered mostly “A” then you would wear the smiley face mask! You always try to be optimistic and find humor in difficult times, even if that means wearing a silly mask. 


If you answered mostly “B” then you would wear the black mask! You are put together and always on time. Valuing practicality, you wear a mask that can work with any outfit–saving time to work on other important issues in your life.  


If you answered mostly “C” then you would wear a disposable mask! You have a busy life, and must have several masks in case you lose or forget one. Placing disposable masks near every door and in cars, you love spontaneous adventures and need to make sure you always have a mask near you.  


If you answered mostly “D” then you would wear a patterned mask! You are always kind to others and love to show your personality in style, even in your mask. You don’t care if you need to make a mask yourself, you will make sure it represents you or matches your outfit.