Students continue to participate in virtual college visits


Photo provided by the author

Montana State University’s version of a virtual campus tour. Campuses around the nation have created some sort of virtual tour for prospective students.

In normal years, admission counselors from colleges around the country would come to Wilsonville High School to talk with seniors that are interested in their schools. It was also very common for both juniors and seniors to participate in in-person college visits where they could get a feel of the campuses they are interested in, meet with that school’s faculty, and maybe even attend a class in the major they’re interested in.

However, as we all know, this year has been nothing but normal; another thing that COVID has affected are student’s college visits. With not being at school in person, admission counselors are unable to come to our campus to give more information to prospective students. Students are also in a tough situation when it comes to visiting campuses in person since many universities around the country are not open for in-person classes, meaning in-person campus visits are unlikely.

With the disadvantages that seniors and some juniors are facing, college admission counselors have found a way to do online virtual visits with students so they can learn more about their school. Through Naviance, individual universities have a designated time that Wilsonville students can sign up for to hear from their admissions counselors. 

Universities themselves are also putting together virtual campus tours and other visits where all prospective students from around the country can attend in hopes to get a feel of that school’s campus. “I have been to five virtual visits,” shares senior Kyra Allen, “but it’s still hard because they feel impersonal since I can’t actually see the campus or buildings.”

Even though many schools aren’t open for in-person campus tours, many students are still planning on visiting the schools and walking around campus on their own. Allen is one of these students who plans on visiting some that she is very interested in. 

Even with the craziness going on in the world, applying to college and learning about each school is still a major role in students’ lives. All that the current seniors can do is make the most of the situation by participating in these virtual events and get excited for their next four years!