The Amazing Race is finally back!


Wikimedia Commons

This is the map of the travel path that contestants went to during season 2. The Amazing Race travels to different places around the world each season.

For those who do not know what The Amazing Race is, it is a reality TV show. The race has eleven teams, consisting of two people per team who are all competing for one million dollars. Each episode has roadblocks, detours and other tasks which each team must try to finish as fast as possible, or risk that they might be the last one to a checkpoint, where there’s the possibility of being eliminated. Basically a giant scavenger hunt that makes you do tasks around the world. The teams must work well under pressure, make allies, and face fears while having the opportunity to see the world–creating a dramatic, competitive, and fun show to watch. 

The show has had 31 seasons, and is currently airing episodes every Wednesday for the 32nd season at 8:00 pm on CBS. As of October 29th, they have released the first three episodes. 

As with most things currently, the production of the 32nd season had to be postponed due to COVID-19 and the pandemic that has impacted many. The production crew have had to adapt and push back release dates, as have many other movies and TV shows. Thus many viewers are euphoric to finally watch it! One of those viewers is Peyton Tolboe. Tolboe has watched almost every season and is “thrilled that there’s a new season airing. We need something quality to watch while stuck at home.”

So the only question to ask is: will you watch it?