Trap: Wilsonville’s virtual play!


Wilsonville High School Theater Department

Actress Keira Kerner prepares for her scene in Trap. Trap was filmed all throughout Wilsonville High School.

This weekend the Wilsonville High School Theater Department put on their first virtual play for the 2020 – 2021 school year, Trap. Because the play was all rehearsed online I asked some cast members how they liked this “new norm” of virtual theatre. 

Ruby Windsheimer is a new freshman at Wilsonville this year and was able to participate in Trap. In Trap she played Kenosha and Ensemble 1. Ruby explained that there were definitely pros and cons of creating a show online. She said, “One time my internet failed so I got kicked out of rehearsal which was frustrating. However, I liked that it was easy to get to rehearsal and in the filming process I liked having the opportunity to redo my scene.” All in all Ruby expresses that the play was a great experience for her and she was able to make a lot of new friends as well as go inside the school for the first time to film the show. 

Senior Hannah Jacobs also participated in Wilsonville High School’s virtual play this weekend. In Trap Hannah played 16 year old Angela Lure, the one person left awake in a high school theater production audience that has fallen unconscious. Throughout virtual practices for the show Hannah explained, “to stay connected we would all attend zoom meetings and do warm ups together. We also try to incorporate other theater traditions, such as our secret buddies program.” Another thing that Hannah explained was the unique way this play had to be filmed. She said, “We took a lot of safety precautions and we would film one scene, and one person at a time. Cast members would go to the school and would change locations based on their scene. One of my scenes, for example, took place in the theater, so we would film it in there. Both Mr. Katz and Mr. Fitz would be behind the camera and you would wait to hear “Action!” before you would begin your scene.” For Hannah, the whole experience of virtual practices and performances allowed her to create unique opportunities with her castmates. 

For the cast member and the audience the virtual play this weekend was a smashing success. The theater department was able to still create an amazing show, even with the difficulties of COVID-19.