Quiz: How reliable are you?

Based on how many bars of Wi-Fi you are



How reliable are you based on the amount of bars of Wi-Fi? Take the quiz to find out.

1. What do you most value in a friend?

A- Ability to share food

B- Humor

C- Kindness

D- Loyalty


2. What is your role in the group project?

A- I let everyone else do the work

B- I procrastinate my work until the last minute

C- I follow the leader, and do my share

D- I organize and distribute all the jobs to everyone equally


3. What is your favorite dessert?

A- Pudding

B- Ice cream sandwich

C- Brownie

D- Cookie


4. If you were in a history book, what would it be for?

A- Me? I won’t be in a history book anytime soon

B- Record holder in a sport

C- Activist

D- Solving a medical issue


5. If you could cut your hair, and it grows back in a week, what would the cut be?

A-Shave your head


C- Bangs

D- Bob


6. What genre of book do you like to read most?

A- I don’t read books

B- Fantasy

C- Historical fiction

D- Classic


7. If you are running late to get somewhere on time, what do you do?

A- I would rather not show up at all then be late, I would just skip it entirely

B- Take my time, and just get there when I get there

C- I would speed to get there on time

D- I am never late


8. If a teacher is lecturing, how do you remember everything they said?

A- I don’t do anything, just hope I remember everything

B- I work with a friend to only do half of the work

C- I only write the really important take-aways

D- Notes, with multiple colored pens


9. You are going on a hike, what do you pack with you?

A- Nothing, it makes it more of an adventure that way

B- Water

C- Ice water and snacks!

D- Can’t forget anything! Never know what you will encounter


10. If you could own one random animal as a pet, which one would you choose?

A- Hippopotamus

B- Giraffe

C- Cheetah

D- Dolphin


If you answered mostly “A” you would be one bar of Wi-Fi. You are not a very reliable person. You don’t prioritize all your tasks perfectly, but are always finding the positive side, and don’t stress out very often. You love to go on spontaneous adventures and joke around, making you really fun to be around. 


If you answered mostly “B” you would be two bars of Wi-Fi. You are not consistently reliable, you try and remember everything but sometimes things fall through the cracks. You try to live life to its fullest while still keeping track of your responsibilities, which makes you a great friend to have. 


If you answered mostly “C” you would be three bars of Wi-Fi. You are usually reliable, and make sure to never forget any tasks. With this, you are often busy throughout the week, and don’t take too many breaks. You always try and do the work well, but don’t stress over all the small things. 


If you answered mostly “D” you would be four bars of Wi-Fi. You are a very reliable person. You follow the rules whether someone is there to enforce them or not, and you always are punctual and organized.


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