College applications: do you know when your deadlines are?


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College Applications. Most college applications are now submitted online!

It’s application season for all the seniors out there!

When applying to colleges many of the applications tend to have specific deadlines that you need to meet in order to be considered for the school. There are all kinds of deadlines when it comes to college applications: Early action and early decision are where you can turn your application in earlier, usually at the beginning of November, and you’ll usually receive the decision by December.

Regular Decision deadlines for fall admission usually occur in the preceding January or February, and students will receive a decision by April. And students who need more time for submitting their applications can apply for rolling admission which means you can apply anytime after April. However, the chance of losing your spot if the class fills up. You can also miss out on scholarship opportunities, so it’s best not to wait very long.

Lots of seniors at Wilsonville High School have been working on submitting their applications. Many students were trying to meet the application deadline of November 1st for a lot of their schools. Most of  Wilsonville High School senior, Keira McNamee’s, applications have deadlines. She says, “the deadlines aren’t too hard to meet. It’s just tough trying to balance school, sports, and the application process.”

The application process looks a little different this year for some students, seeing as though they haven’t been able to go on normal college visits because of COVID. This year there are many resources offered to help students with their college decision process. Students are able to email and talk to their counselors and they’re also given access to Naviance where they can really look into detail about the schools they want to apply to. McNamee said that the application process is more difficult than she expected because of COVID.  Even though she’s been doing most of the application process on her own she has been receiving help from her family to plan the best way to approach her applications.

Make sure you pay attention to when your application deadlines are! There are many places you can find these dates such as Naviance, the Common App website, or just by asking your counselor. Good luck with your applications Wildcats!