The start of a new quarter


Peyton Tolboe

Mr. Katz messing around while prepping for his new second quarter classes.

The start of the second quarter began a week ago, changing student’s schedules to three different classes. Because of the new format the West-Linn Wilsonville School District implemented this year, students completed their first three classes last quarter and are now into classes four through six this quarter.

Usually, Wilsonville students take a total of six classes year round with one switch in the middle of the school year at the semester break. But for the 2020-2021 school year, students will only take three classes switching at each quarter break. This means starting last week, students started attending new classes with different teachers and are now adjusting to their new schedule.

Prior to the start of the second quarter, students had to take their final exams for their first three classes. Normally finals are taken at the semester break but with the new format this year, students got to experience taking finals three months earlier than normal. Penelope Burian, a sophomore at Wilsonville, shared that she thought her finals this year were easier then her finals from freshman year. Many students have found that the workload of only three classes and having to prepare for only three classes was less stressful than the typical six, especially when it came to studying for finals.

As for the transition into the second quarter, Burian shares, “It was nice having a three day weekend before we started to have a break. So far it’s gone ok; I think I have less work than last quarter but we’ve just started so it’s hard to tell.”

Many Wildcats are excited to begin this new quarter with new classes as it brings some change that students are looking forward to. Quarter two will go through the end of the first week of February, where students will then transition back to their first three classes on February 8th. Have a great quarter, Wildcats!