Mod Pizza – now in Wilsonville!


Photo provided by the author

The Wilsonville location of Mod Pizza.

Mod Pizza, a popular create your own pizza restaurant recently joined the arsenal of restaurants available in Wilsonville. Almost like a subway, customers can go through and customize their pizza to their liking. Had we been in class, it’s distance from the high school would make it the perfect lunch spot for students. 

Students weighed in on just how good this new addition really is. “The new Mod in Wilsonville is great…” senior Adam Landy begins, “there really isn’t a good pizza place to go to that’s close.” Junior Kellen Hartford agrees, stating “I really like Mod Pizza, but the drive was too far, I really like having it right here in Wilsonville.” Landy also added his opinion on the variety of toppings available, “I usually get a barbecue chicken pizza, but I usually get something different every time I go”. It is so easy to switch up your order and try something different every time that you go!

The overall rating was good. Because the restaurant is new, the two students both added that the wait was a little longer than it would typically be. However, it was nothing that was too long at all! The customization available and its proximity to the high school make it the perfect addition to the lunch spots available to students!