Is holiday decor acceptable in November?

It’s all fun and games until the holidays begin to battle


Bella Glastra van Loon

Poppy Glastra van Loon poses by her Christmas decor! Many Americans disagree on when to start decorating for the holidays.

Welcome to mid-November, the time of the year where lines are drawn. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and the only thing stopping the human race from getting bombarded with sparkly ornaments, ugly sweaters, and gallons of eggnog is Thanksgiving.  Many people, typically die-hard Christmas lovers, are already preparing to decorate their homes for their favorite holiday of the year. Other scrooges are sticking up for Thanksgiving because after all, it is a holiday for a reason. Either way, everyone has a strong opinion on whether or not Christmas decorations should be visible before Thanksgiving has been completed. 

Alix Hazapis, a junior at Wilsonville High School, has already began decorating her house for the holidays. Her living room is coated in Christmas cheer. There are stockings hanging over the fireplace, and  her tree is coated in twinkling lights.  “It’s 2020,” Hazapis exclaimed, “you can do whatever you want!” Hazapis, among many other Americans, are eager to start their holiday celebrations as soon as possible.

Jackson Rapp, a senior at Wilsonville High School, disagrees with Hazapis. “Are you kidding me? You are not allowed to decorate before Thanksgiving,” Rapp expressed. Where Hazapis was excited to partake in the festivities early, Rapp believes it’s weird to celebrate Christmas with Thanksgiving still in the near future. 

2020 has changed many opinions on the timing of holiday decorations. After the crazy year, many people want to celebrate the holidays early for some positivity. But, others are appalled that Thanksgiving is being overshadowed. Although this debate divides Americans everywhere, they can all come together in agreement that Costco putting out their Christmas decor before Halloween is ridiculous.