Clarissa Klein signs at Saint Mary’s College

She will play both indoor and outdoor volleyball

Clarissa Klein spiking the ball against Thurston. She will continue her volleyball career into College.


Clarissa Klein spiking the ball against Thurston. She will continue her volleyball career into College.

Playing division one is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the NCAA. Playing at the D-1 level is extremely competitive, and demands the best athletes, who work well with their teammates and dedicate time on and off the court. Senior, Clarissa Klein is one of the few able to sign for a D-1 college for her amazing talent and dedication she has put into volleyball. 

After a lot of consideration and debating offers, Klein will be playing both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball at Saint Mary’s College with a full athletic scholarship. Klein says, “I am so excited to be a Gael at Saint Marys; to be able to play both indoor and beach at a beautiful school and get a great education is everything on my wish list.” Klein is excited and grateful for her opportunity to compete at the next level, and continue her volleyball career in college. 

Klein was driven by her own desire to become the best, and will not let anything or anyone inhibit her from achieving her dreams. Klein claimed, “the strive pushes me to work harder every time I compete on the court, to know that I have the ability to dictate my future.” To be one of the best, you must work for it, and clearly, Klein does. 

“Every rep counts,” Klein says to  anyone who wants to follow in a similar path, “hard work does pay off…don’t be comfortable with what you are doing, play the sport because you enjoy it not because other people are forcing you to do it, and never give up.” 

Although Klein pushed herself, she also has a great network supporting her journey. “I would like to thank my friends, my family, and my coaches,” Klein states gratefully, “for always supporting me and pushing me to become the very best version of myself.” Giving a special thanks to her parents, “for always sticking with me to the end.”

The Wilsonville community is wishing you the best of luck in your volleyball career and college endeavours.