New activities during Coronavirus


Lauren Bresnahan

This is a picture from one of the many times Lauren Bresnahan played tennis. She is pictured with Wilsonville students Gabby Prusse and Shane Bresnahan.

Since Coronavirus started, many Wilsonville High School students have had their daily activities stop. Sports have not been able to practice, shows have not been able to perform live, and competitions for the majority of activities have been postponed or cancelled.

Because of this, many Wilsonville High School students have found new free time in their days at home. Some students have even picked up new hobbies and activities to fill the long days. 

Junior Lauren Bresnahan has tried filing her new found free time with tennis. She explains, “ I started playing tennis a lot over the summer with some of my friends. I only got into it because I was bored and wanted to get better at tennis.”

She expresses that tennis has helped her get out of her house and get some fresh air during the shut down during the summer. She also says “if it were not for the pandemic I probably would not have done it. I think I would later in my life but I now have the opportunity to play pretty much whenever with my friends.”

With all this new found time after school, students are able to try new things and explore activities outside of their comfort zone. In many ways this is one of the silver linings of Coronavirus because online school and stay at home orders have allowed kids to be more creative in their environment around them.