Two week break: how to do it right


Thanksgiving 2020 - Tradition, Origins & Meaning - HISTORY

A full thanksgiving plate may consist of a cornucopia of items. A stark contrast between the agendas of current WHS students, who have empty plates.

Once again we are found in this cynical cycle, feeling as if the world is shutting down and we must enter hibernation. This idea of being restricted has become simply a customary routine with which we have learned to live. And because of the routine oriented nature of the global pandemic, the options for entertainment and productivity which remain open to us are seeming more redundant with each passing day. However, this round of restriction is different because there is a holiday break (Thanksgiving) which relinquishes the duties of school and work potentially from our plate while simultaneously adding Fall novelties such as turkey, mashed potatoes and macaroni. And for this, you must not fear but instead welcome the Holiday season. 

Dalton Mermis who is a junior at WHS has made one thing clear. For the duration of this break, she will be continuing to work hard on the field and at the gym to improve her craft of soccer. She is an athlete for the girls soccer team at WHS who never seems to stop these activities, getting better every day and garnering a significant amount of attention from the next level.

For Ben Sheirbon who is a senior at WHS, he will be spending unfathomable amounts of time bonding with his family throughout this break. Being one who can be defined as a hustler or individualist during the school tract, he is appreciative to step back from the perils of a high functioning student athlete to pursue the skills of baking and cooking dat turkey with his sister and parents.

“Just cooking dat turkey.””

— Ben Sheirbon

Make no mistake, Katrina Brisbois is staying active as well. She has appeared on record as saying “Watching my grass grow” in response to how she will stay busy over the next few weeks. It will be fascinating to check in on the height of her grass soon. 

Then, we have Rowan Bush who is a senior as well. Rowan is an artist on the basketball floor and in the booth where he may be found creating songs. Rowan volunteered this sentiment “Making music… music is my life, my blood and my passion”. He has released content on spotify and other streaming sources and will certainly be active in the near future. 

We are thankful for the contributions to this piece and the insight and would like to add that WBN wishes for you to have a joyous Thanksgiving break, staying safe and sane.