An average school day for WHS students

Seniors Natalie Opager and Jadyn Sherry share their day to day schedules


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A group of senior girls at tennis practice earlier this fall season. Many students would attend practices after school like these four girls. Peyton Tolboe took this photo for her Friday takeover of “Meet the Crew.”

It’s safe to say the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everybody’s daily schedules. Normally, students at Wilsonville would wake up, get ready, go to school for the day, come home, do homework and maybe even participate in an after school activity or go to work. But with everything on hold and school being online, students’ daily schedules have been altered.

Now that all students need to do in the morning is roll out of bed and grab their computer to hop onto class, many have changed their schedules to where they can wake up much later than they typically would’ve during a normal school year. Last quarter, senior Natalie Opager was able to roll out of bed right before class started so she could get the maximum amount of sleep possible, which has seen to be very common in students this year. 

Once first period has ended, students will typically have a break time of about 30 to 45 minutes. For Opager, “If I have time to take a nap, I will because I need an energy boost. I need a mental break between classes, and for me, napping is my version of a mental break.” Some other students like senior Jadyn Sherry will take the break time to watch tv or Netflix.

I need a mental break between classes, and for me, napping is my version of a mental break.”

— Natalie Opager

After the school day has come to an end, students typically take a break before they begin their homework for the evening. Other than doing homework after school, students try to participate in other activities to get themselves away from the academic scene. “Sometimes I like to play socially distanced games of tennis with my friends or watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Netflix,” Opager shares. Other students, like Sherry, spend part of their afternoons participating in club activities.

Students’ schedules are very different from what they used to be since the pandemic has changed everything we do, but everyone is continuing to make light out of the situation. Keep going, Wildcats!