Wilsonville students’ New Year’s resolutions


New York Times

Some examples of New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are a staple of every winter season, as the holidays approach we think of ways we can better ourselves in the New Year. For this segment, I interviewed a few WVHS students to get the scoop on their resolutions.

To start with me, my New Year’s resolution is going to be something around using my phone less. I’m not sure specifically what it will be yet, but I think that I need to cut down the time I spend on my phone/social media drastically in the New Year.

One student I spoke to, senior Hayden Nichols, said that his New Year’s resolution is to get better at the popular video game NBA 2K, and included in this resolution he said that he doesn’t want to lose a single online game in 2021. “After putting hours into this game in just the first week of having it, I need to look forward and set my sights on winning every game I play, and I think that by January 2021 I will have the skills to do that,” Nichols said.

Another student I asked, senior Jack Kimball, said that his New Year’s resolution was to be more motivated during this COVID time. “Being in online school and not being able to go many places because of COVID has made me very unmotivated, but in the New Year I’d like to change that,” Kimball said.

I believe that New Year’s resolutions do a good job of giving us a goal for (at least the first month) of a new year and that everyone should make a list of New Year’s resolutions they have.