Next week brings “Hour of Code” activities

The week of December 7th brings opportunities for students to participate in coding activities


WLWV students can participate in “Hour of Code” activities starting on December 7th. Students have been participating in these activities for several years.

Do you have an interest in coding? For the last several years, students in the West Linn-Wilsonville Schools have participated in activities known as “Hour of Code”. The Chief Technology Officer of the WLWV School District, Curtis Nelson, shares, “These activities expose students to the world of software development through quick no-stress activities.”

This year, the “Hour of Code” activities are scheduled during “Computer Science Education Week” which is from Monday, December 7th through Sunday, December 13th. If you would like to participate in these activities, you can go to the link here. Those running the activities request that you RSVP, but it isn’t a must. 

The “Hour of Code” activities that are used worldwide is not the only thing you can participate in over the course of “Computer Science Education Week”! Students from West Linn High School have created their own version of “Hour of Code” that students around the district can participate in as well. If you would like to participate in the West Linn student version, you can use the link here.

Nobody is required to participate, but it may be a great opportunity to try something new and maybe find a new passion!