The annual light fight

What color is best for holiday lights?


Photo provided by the author

One of WBN’s staff writer’s shares their light set up. Many families are beginning to decorate their homes for the holidays.

December has arrived in full force. The holiday season is upon us, and the decorating has already begun. The recent dry weather has inspired many to cover the exterior of their homes in cheer. Neighborhoods are becoming more twinkly than the night sky itself. 

The yearly light fight is here to stay for the next month as traditionalists take on modernists. The recent years have brought forth multi-colored light strands, which many families have begun to opt for. On the other hand, many families take pride in their classic white lights that have been a staple for decades. 

Gabi Bean, a senior at Wilsonville High School, tends to pick the traditional white lights. “I prefer all white because it fits the Christmas theme,” Bean expressed, “it almost always looks good for any house.”

Cole Miller, a freshman at Wilsonville High School, disagrees with Bean. “Multicolored lights are the way to go if you want a cool and cozy look,” Miller stated. 

Bean gives credit to the opposing side by admitting that she enjoys the look of red and white or red and green lights. But, she stands by her belief that white lights will match almost any house’s theme. 

White lights seem like the safest move for exterior decorating, but opinions are changing. Multicolored lights are a fresh way to liven up your holiday decor, but make sure that they don’t clash with your house!