The benefits of the arts


Mr. Davies

Kyra Allen plays first violin in Chamber Orchestra. Over the summer the orchestra used the high school parking lot in order to practice socially distanced.

Many studies throughout the years have shown that arts classes especially in high school can have a positive impact on students. Through the arts kids can gain important skills that they can use in daily life. 

Junior Lily Saunders has been participating in the arts for most her life and has been a part of Wilsonville High School’s Symphonic Choir and competitive a cappella choir Soul’d Out for the past two years. She emphasizes, “The arts can be really beneficial! Not only am I learning a lot and challenging myself to be better, but the choir community is also really fun to be a part of.” Saunders also explains that she has learned how to be a leader for her peers as a member of the choir board, a soprano section, and when helping lead classes. 

Senior Kyra Allen expresses similar thoughts about the benefits of the arts with her experiences as the first violin in the Chamber Orchestra. Allen notes, “I have been in Orchestra since third grade. In orchestra you use your brain in a different way than other school classes or activities. You are playing fine tunes so many skills come with that focus.”  Similar to Saunders, Allen adds, “Also through Orchestra I have especially gained leadership and communications skills that I can use throughout the rest of my life.” 

These two Wilsonville High School students provide strong evidence that there are many benefits in taking arts classes in High School. Not only could you fall in love with a new activity but you will also learn skills that you can take with you throughout the rest of your life.