It’s holidays season Wildcats!


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Holiday season might look a little different this year. Wildcats are still making the most of it!

The weather is starting to get colder and lights are being put up all over Wilsonville! Although this holiday season might be different than most, it’s still going to be a blast!

Many families have all kinds of traditions or just fun activities they like to do around holiday time. Senior, Jackson Rapp says, “My family likes to go to the mountain and watch football during the holidays.” Going up to the mountain is a popular activity for students and their families this time of year because it’s one of the few places that we actually get a lot of snow by Wilsonville. 

Senior Celeste Catalan, celebrates Christmas with her family, “My favorite holiday activity is probably picking out a Christmas tree with my family, it’s always so cold and it’s a time for all of us to be together.” Christmas tree shopping is a popular holiday tradition among many families. This past week an Instagram question went out, “What are your favorite holiday activities?” and picking out Christmas trees as a family was a very popular answer. A popular place in Wilsonville to go Christmas tree shopping is Frog Pond Farm on Advance Rd.

The holiday season is the best way to spend time with those that you love. Whether your family loves to go snowboarding on the mountain or they’d rather stay home and bake holiday treats, this is one of the best times of year. Have a healthy and holiday season this year Wildcats!