Birthday celebrations in quarantine


Photo provided by author

Seniors Kaitlyn Shkutnik and Kaiya Shivers celebrating together.

We can all agree that most parts of our lives have been affected by the pandemic. So many normalcies have been not only taken for granted but have now been taken from us entirely. Students of Wilsonville High School have been trying their best to celebrate important events such as holidays and birthdays, even during this pandemic. 

Senior Madison Kollermeier was still able to have a blast celebrating her eighteenth birthday with her friends a few weeks ago. “My friends and I stayed at the Atticus Hotel; it was decorated super cute, we got dinner, watched movies, and had a super fun night!” Since so many places were closed, it was rather difficult to find something she wanted to do; a sleepover at a hotel with friends was the perfect way to celebrate! 

Abbi Nelson, also a senior at Wilsonville had a little more difficulty planning her birthday celebration. “I had a really hard time finding something that I wanted to do because so many things were closed,” Nelson begins, “My favorite restaurant, the Spaghetti Factory in Portland, could not fit us in because there was a maximum capacity of 50 people because of a regulation that had been passed only the day before.” This regulation made dinner plans change. The plans to sit waterfront eating her favorite food had been destroyed. 

Nelson ended up eating at Papa Haydn, a restaurant close by also located in Portland, ending her celebration by doing an escape room with her friends. “It was disappointing that we had to switch restaurants but the night still ended up being super fun, I am really glad I was able to find something to do to celebrate my birthday”. 

Lastly, senior Kaitlyn Shkutnik spent her celebration watching a movie and baking Christmas cookies with her friends. “I had a really good time seeing everyone, we also got takeout dinner because all of the restaurants were closed,” Shkutnik remarked. This celebration happened after a two-week pause was started in Oregon. 

Though many places are closed and strict regulations make it more difficult to safely celebrate things like birthdays, these students were able to find unique and fun ways to celebrate. It is safe to say that these are birthdays these seniors will never forget!